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Cue Club Billiard

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Cue club is the most accomplished Billiards simulator to date. Its realism, its many configurations (8 Ball – English and American – 9 Ball) and its amazing programmability have made it a best seller!

Cue Club is an easy to play and extraordinarily realistic Billiards simulation.

Thanks to its simple mouse commands and multiple game choice (English and American 8 Ball, 9 Ball, Snooker, Killer and Speedpool) you can play for hours on end.

And with its many settings (cue butt elevator, cue ball spin, slow motion…) you can carry out expert shots and then share them with other players.

BUY Cue Club Billiard €14.95
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    Once the free version has been downloaded and installed on your computer, you can unlock the premium version for the following features:

    • Unlimited full version of the game
    • Many gaming possibilities
    • Numerous gaming settings and designs
    • Tournaments
    • Chat Room
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Boonty.com allows you to play Cue Club Billiard for free for 1 hour over a period of 30 days.


Price: €14.95
Category: Sport and Racing
Language: English
Size: 13.3 Mb
Download time
ADSL 2048 : 7s
ADSL 1024 : 14s
ADSL 512 : 27s
Modem 56k : 4min4s
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 System requirements
    • Windows 95/98
    • 3 D Accelerator
    • Pentium 166 MHz or equivalent
    • 16 MB RAM
    • 165 MB Hard Disk Space
    • DirectX 7
    • Microsoft compatible mouse
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